Rick Oliver

It is interesting, that sometimes you can "feel" the photographs and Rick Oliver is one of those photographers, where is possible to "hear" the music.

*Found this photograph while browsing through Jörg M Colberg blog.


Foud this quote at Mrs. Deane blog, where the following note was written:

"I will say there are a couple basic things I have learned from WIP that are important for entries, especially online.
EDIT, EDIT, EDIT!!!!!!!!
Then edit again. Some very basic rules:
If an image is in your edit because just because you personally love it, dump it. If it is an image you always have to explain to people, dump it. If you have it in because you think it is important for content, dump it. If you have to keep trying to find a way to make it “work in the edit,” dump it. "

Colors magazine

I like 66th issue of Color magazine a lot (Best Wishes).

Mental pictures are like images

Interesting test made by Venderbilt University showing that mental imagery dictates what you see later. Well, in my opinion the number of participants is a bit small (what actually mean more than 11 participants?). Article starts with:

"There's a big debate about what happens in our brain when we imagine visual items, like pictures, for example. Some people think our brains perceive visual images pictorially, using a part of the brain known for processing simple visual features.

Other people think our brains perceive visual stimuli symbolically, using the region of the brain known for processing words and language."

Where is a photographer in this story? To project and present him self, wheather brains perceive visual immagery pictorially or prerceive visual stimuly symbolically (or is it both?). And where is viewer in this story? To implement him self, wheather perceiving visual immagery pictorial or perceiving visual stimuly symbolically (or is it both?).

Well, it is just a thought.

*Found link on this article at State of the Art blog.

Paul Rand

Paul Rand was a well-known American graphic designer, best known for his corporate logo designs. Be sure to check thougts on design, black in the visual art for example and visit the gallery for sure, editorial perhaps (among the others, of course).

Wilhelm Heiliger

Clean geometry and pure colors, made by Wilhelm Heiliger makes positive impression on viewer.

1930-40s in Color

It is interesting to see quality photographs from above mentioned era in color. How much does contemporary photography differs from the one produced in that time? Check Alfred T. Palmer's photographs.


Short interviews with great photographers.

Luis Porter

Found some good stuff, made by Luis Porter.

Zach Abubeker

I found some interesting photographs made by Zach Abubeker.

*Found this photograph while browsing through Amy Stein's blog.

Janez Vlachy

Janez Vlachy, photographer from Slovenija. Under the influence of former Jugoslavian photography he succeeded in nude art photography in connection with portrait photography. Read an article (Slovene) and interview (English).

Jeff McLane

Some good photographs can be found at Jeff McLane
's site. Read an interview here.

Ethan Aaro Jones

In water is an interesting series, made by Ethan Aaro Jones. He si also one of founders of pause to begin blog. Read catalogue (page 32-33) and statement on this story.

Cecil McDonald Jr.

Cecil McDonald Jr. is working on domestic observations. Perhaps is easier to see photographs at Catherine Edelman Gallery web page.

*If you are interested in domestic sphere, check prevous posts on Angela Strassheim and Jessica Todd Harper.

Ralph Gibson

Ralph Gibson is one of the last musketeers from 20th century photography. Interested in photography or no, he is simply a man who you want to meet. I am just back from Chicago, where he held a one week workshop on photographing the nude figure. It was great. Is this all I need? I don't think so, but I got the best and the most solid foundation on how to build my life, that is more or less including photography, in the future. Read also interviews, one and two.

Angela Strassheim

Worth a visit. For more check this and this, also Artist's Talk by Angela Strassheim, Artnet Magazine review, and brief interview.

Reminds me on Jessica Todd Harper's photography. Must be the similar theme, I guess.

Slideshow? No, thank you.

I don’t see a reason for seeing slideshows. If I wish leaf through photographs faster, I will click faster (and of course the opposite for slower). I want to be in charge on browsing speed. It is a photography, not a movie, and if it is a good one, it will take some time for me to absorb it and to enjoy watching it. This is also one of the reasons, why I prefer paper. There is no negative surprises, as you can get it on screen (blink, zoom,..). I don't like pages, where slideshows starts immediately, like Magnum, for example (I am not talking about the quality of photographs).

Stephen Wilks

Stephen Wilks is looking for interesting appearance around him. Photography is one of arts he is using to express him self.

Brian Finke

It is easy to see the connection between photographer Brian Finke and his objects. You can drawn into a single photograph and get the the whole picture after seeing the series of 15. Check for some more here (including price information), here and here (with short interview).

Bettina von Zwehl

Bettina von Zwehl is exploring visual psychological states of people in controlled aesthetic conditions. Read some more on Alina project here.

Darren Sylvester

You can see great photographs by Darren Sylvester here and here. Read also short interview and brief thoughts .

Jessica Todd Harper

Under various painters influence is Jessica Todd Harper, an american photographer, showing her self, friends and family within domestic sphere. Check here for some more.

Adrian Tyler

Nice work by Adrian Tyler. Also exhibited at Paris photo 2007.

Esteban Pastorino DIaz

Interesting. Toy like areal series are made with remote controlled camera attached to a kite and kind of dynamic panoramas are contact prints of one entire role of 120 film. For some more check here, here and here.


Photographer promo cards and what to think about when sending them. Check out for some different styles, here are the samples.

*Found this at
Rob Haggart's weblog.

Armin Linke

I am impressed with landscape architecture by Armin Linke . Takes a while to absorb, but it's worth it. I suppose that is best to see photographs in large scale at exhibition (well, I saw it only in paper size of approx. of A3 format in a book Vitamin Ph: New Perspectives in Photography by T.J. Demos and Editors of Phaidon Press - whitch is excellent and a must to have, by the way). The easiest way for browsing his page is under search category, at least for me.

Tim Davis

Check out inventive series made by Tim Davis. I found my self interested in My Audience because of author's idea, personal scent nad wish to eternize. You can easily get drawn in after browsing at the other series.

Maura Biava

She is more an artis performer, according to her own words. Her site is under construction, to find something else on web is also almost impossible. Short clip with interview is here, a very small gallery 1 & 2, short biography is here.