Ethan Aaro Jones

In water is an interesting series, made by Ethan Aaro Jones. He si also one of founders of pause to begin blog. Read catalogue (page 32-33) and statement on this story.

Cecil McDonald Jr.

Cecil McDonald Jr. is working on domestic observations. Perhaps is easier to see photographs at Catherine Edelman Gallery web page.

*If you are interested in domestic sphere, check prevous posts on Angela Strassheim and Jessica Todd Harper.

Ralph Gibson

Ralph Gibson is one of the last musketeers from 20th century photography. Interested in photography or no, he is simply a man who you want to meet. I am just back from Chicago, where he held a one week workshop on photographing the nude figure. It was great. Is this all I need? I don't think so, but I got the best and the most solid foundation on how to build my life, that is more or less including photography, in the future. Read also interviews, one and two.