Photographer promo cards and what to think about when sending them. Check out for some different styles, here are the samples.

*Found this at
Rob Haggart's weblog.

Armin Linke

I am impressed with landscape architecture by Armin Linke . Takes a while to absorb, but it's worth it. I suppose that is best to see photographs in large scale at exhibition (well, I saw it only in paper size of approx. of A3 format in a book Vitamin Ph: New Perspectives in Photography by T.J. Demos and Editors of Phaidon Press - whitch is excellent and a must to have, by the way). The easiest way for browsing his page is under search category, at least for me.

Tim Davis

Check out inventive series made by Tim Davis. I found my self interested in My Audience because of author's idea, personal scent nad wish to eternize. You can easily get drawn in after browsing at the other series.

Maura Biava

She is more an artis performer, according to her own words. Her site is under construction, to find something else on web is also almost impossible. Short clip with interview is here, a very small gallery 1 & 2, short biography is here.