Franco Fontana

Very colorful with graphic touch. You can see some of his work here, here, or here.

Hans Eijkelboom

Dutch conceptual artist Hans Eijkelboom was working for 15 years in three major cities, studying similarities in between and globalisation itself. The result is a book called Paris-New York-Shanghai. A short review, some discussion (in the bottom) and short clips No1, No2, No3 from opening, I suppose. Read some more here and especially here.

Richard Learoyd

You can see some older work at his old web page. There are some excelent photographs at union gallery, that are product of specific process, as you can read at above mentioned gallery, inside "about the artist" folder. Because of uniquesness of each photograph the estimate price is quite high, as can be seen here. Worth a visit, for sure.

Andrew Bush

Great photographer, well known for his "House", "Blank envelopes" and
series, that is my personal best one. Be sure to check the other photograps, including the one at Julie Saul Gallery. Read a brief article on review of exibitions at already mentioned galley here, made by Martha Schwendener, and review on People in their cars, Driving Along, made by Charles Hagen in The New York Times.