Francesco Jodice

Francesco Jodice is a Professor of Theory and practice of the technological image, Faculty of Design and Art, University of Bolzano, Italy. Presented at Photo Paris 2007, as exhibitor from Italy, that was guest of honor coutry this year. Photographs are under "what we want" folder, video instalation is inside "the secret traces" and "100 storie" and film is at "the morocco affair" folder. Check the other folders for sure (hikikomori for example).

James Benning

One of the movies presented at film festival held in Ljubljana (Liffe) was 13 lakes, James Benning's 135 min long film presenting the title, literally. Read a movie review here and an interview with author.

Jay Wolke

I found some good photographs at Jay Wolke's site inside (best in my opinion) all around the house project.

*I found this link at Peter Feldhaus blog.

Peter Granser

I am a bit cofused at Peter Granser's site, but I found my self attracted by his photographs. Find some more here.

*I found this link at
Peter Feldhaus blog.

Jenny Lynn

She is a photographer and conceptual artist. My favorable are photographs inside series named soliloquy, where models are used as stand -ins for herself, i.e. self-portraits.