Norman Percevel Rocwkwell

I am amazed by Norman Percevel Rockwell, 20th century painter and illustrator, his way of telling stories and representing ideas. Simple and effective with subtle humorous input.

Check a great photo blog who's hot or not as well.

Kishin Shinoyama

Interesting mix of styles by Kishin Shinoyama. Some are typical for that period but some could easily be placed in year 2000. Presented photograph was made in year 1968. Was he so advanced for that time, or fashion photographers didn't make any progress till now?

Josh Quigley

Good Photographs, made by Josh Quigley . See for some more here .

Pablo Lopez Luz

Mostly landscape photographer. As well Photolucida book award finalist.

John Berger - Ways of Seeing

A television series "Ways of seeing" in 1972 for BBC by John Berger is a must to see, whether you are interested in photography of some other art. Check as well the other parts and episodes.

*Found link on this article at Thinking About Art blog.

Rick Oliver

It is interesting, that sometimes you can "feel" the photographs and Rick Oliver is one of those photographers, where is possible to "hear" the music.

*Found this photograph while browsing through Jörg M Colberg blog.


Foud this quote at Mrs. Deane blog, where the following note was written:

"I will say there are a couple basic things I have learned from WIP that are important for entries, especially online.
EDIT, EDIT, EDIT!!!!!!!!
Then edit again. Some very basic rules:
If an image is in your edit because just because you personally love it, dump it. If it is an image you always have to explain to people, dump it. If you have it in because you think it is important for content, dump it. If you have to keep trying to find a way to make it “work in the edit,” dump it. "

Colors magazine

I like 66th issue of Color magazine a lot (Best Wishes).

Mental pictures are like images

Interesting test made by Venderbilt University showing that mental imagery dictates what you see later. Well, in my opinion the number of participants is a bit small (what actually mean more than 11 participants?). Article starts with:

"There's a big debate about what happens in our brain when we imagine visual items, like pictures, for example. Some people think our brains perceive visual images pictorially, using a part of the brain known for processing simple visual features.

Other people think our brains perceive visual stimuli symbolically, using the region of the brain known for processing words and language."

Where is a photographer in this story? To project and present him self, wheather brains perceive visual immagery pictorially or prerceive visual stimuly symbolically (or is it both?). And where is viewer in this story? To implement him self, wheather perceiving visual immagery pictorial or perceiving visual stimuly symbolically (or is it both?).

Well, it is just a thought.

*Found link on this article at State of the Art blog.